Raised in the wilds of Wyoming and forced to fight bears and mountain lions on his daily commute, KC began his radio career as a 15-year-old know-it-all high school punk at Buffalo, Wyoming’s AM-1450 KBBS. While there he honed his craft during what the locals call “tourist goring season,” making fun of idiots with out of state plates trying to pet bison and take selfies with moose. It’s that same cynical tell it like it is attitude that North Carolinians have enjoyed for well over a decade weekday mornings from 6a-9a across the Triangle and Triad. This isn’t your standard talk radio show. Politics, sports, the local stories people care about, and yes, even idiots trying to pet wildlife (stop it Asheville). You can bet whatever’s going on we’re talking about like nobody else on the dial.

PS: No need to fact check the bears and lions thing.