Kendrick Lamar's Fiancée & Family Appear At 'The Pop Out' Despite Rumors

Whitney Alford & Kendrick Lamar

Photo: Getty Images

Kendrick Lamar's fiancée and kids were in the audience at his historic show despite the false rumors that spread online.

There were *a lot* of discussions about who popped out at K. Dot's concert — and who didn't. While his show at The Forum in Los Angeles went down last night, June 19, some people, like media personality Akademiks, were convinced that the pgLang co-founder's wife Whitney Alford didn't partake in the festivities. In the same post, Akademiks also alleged that Lamar's business partner Dave Free was not in attendance. However, both rumors were quickly refuted after visual proof was posted.

Despite the rumors that went viral on social media, Alford was in the audience with their two children. In the video clip, you can see Alford and her kids sitting right above the floor enjoying the show. At the very end, Dave Free was the first name listed in the credits as a producer and a creative director. He also posted a clip from the performance to his Instagram Story. The rumors appear to stem from a baseless claim about Dave Free and Whitney Alford that spread during the chaos of Drake and Kendrick Lamar's beef.

Numerous artists hit the stage with Kendrick Lamar and his opening acts Mustard and DJ Hed last night. In fact, Lamar brought them all together during his closing performance of "Not Like Us," which he performed five times and played once more on his way out. Fans did notice some notable acts that were missing from the setlist. One of them was Kendrick's own cousin Baby Keem.

Keem has a couple of major hits with Lamar including "family ties" and "The Hillbillies," but he didn't get a chance to perform them. While some people thought he wasn't there at all, photos of him in the crowd eventually surfaced and proved he was in the building. Another major artist who was allegedly MIA was SZA. Some fans expected Kendrick to perform "All The Stars" following his and Jay Rock's rendition of "King's Dead" from the Black Panther soundtrack. When she didn't appear, people also thought she missed the event. In reality, she kept a low profile as she watched the show with the rest of the audience on the floor.

"The Pop Out" was a family affair no matter what the Internet says. See the proof below.

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