Fat Joe Defends Himself After He Copped A Pair Of Donald Trump's Gold Shoes

Fat Joe & Donald Trump

Photo: Getty Images

Fat Joe is not endorsing Donald Trump for president, but he is cosigning the former president's new sneaker endeavor.

On Monday, February 26, the Terror Squad leader revealed he had to get his hands on a pair of 45's new "Never Surrender" high-top sneakers. During a session on Instagram Live, Joey Crack explained he does not like the former president and will never vote for him. However, none of his personal thoughts about Trump stopped him from securing a pair of the 4x-indicted businessman's first-ever shoe venture.

"Me, as a sneaker collector I had to get my hands on the Trumps," Fat Joe explained. "Doesn't matter."

"Listen, I have thousands of pairs of sneakers," he continued. "When everyone flipped on Kanye, I went and bought the two most exclusive Kanyes ever...I gotta get my hands on them. Once again, I'm not a Trumper. I dislike Trump. I'm not voting for him. Not now, not never. But I'm a sneaker collector into the art. So, I had to find these."

Fat Joe flashed the golden pair of sneakers and the box they came in, which appear to be a limited release for "friends and family." Joe isn't the only rapper who has embraced the Trump sneakers. "2 Million Up" rapper Peezy recently made headlines for his glowing endorsement of Trump's new shoes, and his campaign for president. He also took things further by trashing President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in an video he posted to social media.

Watch Fat Joe's full Instagram Live session below.

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