Another Cargo Ship Gets Jammed In, Blocks Suez Canal

Ship runs aground in Suez Canal

Photo: Anadolu

Another ship was jammed in Egypt's Suez Canal, leading to fears of a potential blockage at one of the world's busiest shipping lanes before later being removed, the Mirror reports.

Tugboats were reported to be present at the scene in an effort to refloat the vessel, with four others already stuck behind it, according to Leth Shipping Agency. The ship was identified as a 13-year-old Xin Hai Tong 23 bulk carrier from Hong Kong, according to

The Suez Canal, which is at its narrowest point between Port Said in the Mediterranean Sea and Suez in the Red Sea, accounts for 30% of global shipping container volume, as well as 12% of total global trade, according to the Mirror. Egyptian authorities didn't initially acknowledge the aground ship and the affect on traffic wasn't determined, however, tracking data later confirmed that no shipping vessels were reported to be moving around the area at the time it was stuck.

The vessel was described as being "not under command" by tracking data as tug boats attempted to get it refloated. The ship is estimated to be 625 feet by 105 feet, according to the Mirror.

The incident comes two years after an Ever Given ship jammed diagonally across a southern section of the Suez Canal, which halted traffic between Europe and Asia before being removed six days later and a 1,095-foot Ever Forward cargo ship ran aground nearly one year later.

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