This Is The Best Grocery Store In North Carolina

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Everyone has a go-to grocery store that becomes a favorite thanks to the quality of service, fresh produce, or the unique hidden gems placed among the shelves.

LoveFood set out to determine the best grocery store in each state, compiling a list that includes both popular chains and local favorites around the country. According to the site:

"There are plenty of places where you can stock up on groceries. But some grocery stores go above and beyond when it comes to service, quality of produce and the little extras that keep people coming back (or have them wishing they lived locally)."

So what was name the best grocery store in North Carolina?

Harris Teeter

North Carolina's best grocery store shouldn't come as much of a surprise given it was founded in the Tar Heel State. Originally opened nearly a century ago as Teeters Food Mart, "your neighborhood food market" eventually grew into the store we all know by 1960, expanding its reach to more than 250 stores around the South.

North Carolina has several Harris Teeter locations around the state. Find your nearest one by checking out the website.

Here's what LoveFood had to say:

"Harris Teeter was founded in Matthews, North Carolina in 1936 and now has stores across seven Southern states. Customers especially love the selection of meats and prepared foods, with options such as sushi, pizza, soup, and salad. Other pluses include a thoughtfully curated wine selection, free cookies (sometimes dished out by the store's mascot, Harry the Happy Dragon), and a genuinely good rewards scheme."

Check out LoveFood's full list to see the best grocery store in each state.

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