This Restaurant Has The Best Burger In North Carolina

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Burgers are an American classic, an ideal meal for any outdoor gathering, neighborhood block party or family barbecue. No matter if you prefer yours loaded up with toppings, covered in cheese or served plain, there are plenty of burger joints around the state waiting to serve it up just how you like it.

Reader's Digest compiled a list of the best burger restaurants around the country, from brisket and mac-n-cheese topped burgers to perfectly-cooked patties on waffle-shaped buns.

So which North Carolina restaurant serves up the best cheeseburgers in the state?

Brooks' Sandwich House

This Charlotte joint servers up the best burger in the state, with Reader's Digest suggesting burger lovers try ordering their meal "all the way," meaning loaded with all the toppings like chili and onions.

Brooks' Sandwich House is located at 2710 North Brevard Street in Charlotte.

Here's what the magazine had to say:

"Don't let the name fool you. Brooks' Sandwich House in Charlotte serves up more than sandwiches, though you will find them on the menu. the cash-only spot has been open since 1973, and it knows how to treat your taste buds, so order as recommended: 'all the way.' That means topped with mustard, onions, and a helping of smoky beef chili. But don't make a weekend trip out of it, as the place is open only Monday through Friday."

Check out Reader's Digest's full list to see the most mouthwatering cheeseburger in each state.

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