This Is The Most Remote Place In North Carolina

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Getting out and seeing the beauty of the world can be a thrilling experiencing, but sometimes you may want to explore nature without being surrounded by others. Maybe you hope to avoid crowds flocking to a hidden waterfall or simply want to challenge yourself to a more difficult hike than your normal trails.

24/7 Wall St found the most remote location in each state, from a blazing hot spot in the desert to a quiet mountain region in Appalachia. According to the site:

"With virtually every inch of the Earth mapped and catalogued, and with ongoing population growth, it's harder nowadays to traverse unspoiled terrain in the United States. ... While living near urban centers tends to bring area residents social and economic benefits, the adventurous among us may be pleased to learn there are still some corners of our country that remain extremely remote — places referred to fondly (or not) as the 'middle of nowhere.'"

So what is the most remote spot in North Carolina?

According to the list, the most "middle of nowhere" location in the Tar Heel State is Ocracoke, a village on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks where you can see water views of both the Pamlico Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest city is about 3 hours and 12 minutes away.

These are the GPS coordinates: 35°05'45"N, 75°58'15"W

Check out 24/7 Wall St's full list to see the most remote spot in each state.

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