This Is North Carolina's Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish In 2021

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This time of year is when people around the country count their blessings and reflect on what they are thankful for — including a holiday dedicated to gratitude and, of course, food.

With just a few weeks until Thanksgiving, it's time to start planning your meal. The sheer number of ingredients may be intimidating, but it's better to shop now than wait until the day before when you have to fight off other customers to grab the last can of cranberry sauce.

To help get your planning started, why not begin with a side dish that is sure to impress. Zippia analyzed data from Google Trends from November 2020 to find the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in each state for 2021.

So which side is searched for more than any other in North Carolina?


Is it even a Southern dinner without biscuits? People in North Carolina searched for biscuits more than any other side dish ahead of Thanksgiving. The side is actually different than last year's favorite, which was macaroni and cheese.

While North Carolina is the only state whose love for biscuits beat any other side dish, several states were craving carb-loaded sides like rolls and mashed potatoes, which was the most popular side dish overall. Mashed potatoes are the favorite for nine states followed by rolls at four states. Not every state goes for the carbs; plenty still prefer roasted vegetables while one state favors a side salad.

Check out the full report here.

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