This Week's Weird News 7/30/21

An eerie ghost sighting that might be connected to a missing person case, a monkey war in Thailand, and a new hunt for aliens were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

This past week saw an intriguing development in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence as Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb announced the formation of a new alien-hunting initiative known as the Galileo Project. Unlike similar endeavors looking for evidence of ETs, which largely scan for signals in space, the group plans to look for signs of alien civilizations in the form of hardware and artifacts. Specifically, they'll be using advanced cameras to try and detect UFOs zipping through the skies as well as telescopes to locate possible ET craft in the form of interstellar objects and alien satellites that may be hiding in orbit around the Earth.

One of the wilder scenes we've seen in a while came to us this week by way of a video from Thailand where traffic in a city came to a standstill after a veritable monkey war erupted and spilled out into the streets. The jaw-dropping simian showdown, captured on film by a bevy of stunned bystanders, unfolded in the community of Lopburi. Usually a popular tourist destination, the city has seen a significant drop in visitors due to the pandemic. In turn, this had led to a food shortage for the wild monkeys that live in the area, since they rely on the kindness of these strangers to feed them snacks. The predicament culminated with this past week's battle in the streets as hundreds of hangry monkeys clashed over food and territory in the tourist-starved city.

By far the most baffling story of the week centered around an eerie ghost sighting that may be connected to a case of a missing woman in California. The witness to the potential apparition was a three-year-old boy, who stunned his family during an outing to Shuteye Peak in the Sierra National Forest when he claimed to see the spirit of a dead woman with blue hair. After sharing the boy's story on social media, his parents were stunned to discover that a woman had gone missing in the area about a year ago and, at the time of her disappearance, she had blue hair. The chilling similarity was actually compelling enough to garner the attention of the authorities, who visited the site of the ghost sighting, but did not find any new clues to the case.

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