Dan Swimm, Grow Fragrance



Daniel runs Grow Fragrance with his wife Kelly, and Candlescience with his brother Mike. Both companies are based in Durham NC. Dan and Kelly live in Chapel Hill NC with their two boys who are 7 and 9.


"We started Grow Fragrance to make a product we all wanted but couldn’t find. Our team seeked out natural and thoughtfully made food, beauty and cleaning products but we just didn’t feel good about the home fragrance options available. We wanted a modern air freshener that smelled like our favorite candles, but was toxin free and made from 100% plants.

We set out to make a product that we could use with confidence in our own homes around our families, friends and pets. Despite our collective experience in naturals and fragrance, it took nearly two years and hundreds of tests before we got it—a product that smelled amazing, worked effectively to eliminate odors and freshen fabrics and offered us a peace of mind.

We currently offer three beautiful fragrances available on our online store at www.growfragrance.com."

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